565 Pro Bass



Marcraft 565 Pro Bass is our first special which is derived from our flag boat (565 River Pro). With a length of 565 cm and a width of 231 cm, this boat is rightfully an absolute topper. Is ideally suited for casting because of the huge throwing platform at the front. The front deck, is as well placed 11 to 15 cm below the edge of the boat, creating even larger space in the front deck. It has a huge interior space and, despite the large size remains highly maneuverable and easy to glide true the water.

Due to the low draft and balanced” V” of the underwater ship, sailing characteristics are truly sublime. In addition, this flag boat has a revolutionary bottom shape, in which the bow is offset 2,5 cm from the stern, creating a vacuum that makes the boat glide much faster, defying the most difficult rivers easily! Equipped with a 200 PK Suzuki outboard engine, sails approximately 80 to 90 km per hour. All the experience Marcraft has currently gained, stands in the standard layout of the boat. The huge bow is equipped with plenty of storage compartments, one of those being provided with a live well, there is as well a great rod storage compartment in which no less than 12 fishing rods with a length of 280 cm can be stored, the hatch of the rod storage compartment is equipped with gas springs, below the rod storage compartment a hatch is provided for batteries of a front roller.

In total, the bow is provided with 6 storage compartments with hatches and the stern being provided with 2 storage compartments with hatches. According to one’s own insight, the storage spaces can be provided with a live well.

Marcraft 565 Pro Bass is available as tiller and console boat, being possible to provide it with two consoles.

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Additional information


565 cm


231 cm


6 personen

Casco gewicht

394 kg

Max. motorgewicht

228 kg

Max. totaalgewicht

1.193 kg

Max. vermogen

146,8 kw


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