Tomasco Predator is the absolute “predator machine” within Tomasco Fishing Boats range.

With a length of 520 cm this boat is eminently created for predator fishing. Despite the large dimensions, remains highly maneuverable and easy to glide true the water. Due to the low draft and balanced “V” of the underwater ship the sailing characteristics are truly sublime, defying easily the most difficult rivers!

A great deal of attention has been paid to the layout: there being a maximum storage space and room for a live well without sacrificing other storage space.

As an option, a fishing rod box can be realized in and below the casting deck in this boat, giving the casting deck so much more length and more cupboard space that makes casting fishing so much easier

Tomasco Predator is available as tiller and console boat.

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Additional information


520 cm


210 cm

Casco gewicht

330 kg

Max. motorgewicht

179 kg

Max. vermogen

102,76 kw


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