This new Tomasco Experience is completely adapted to the wishes of the customer as standard.

This predatory fishing boat is among others. equipped with an extended aft deck and casting platform, by extending you create so much space that casting fishing becomes a lot easier! it also creates so much more storage space.

The fishing rods have also been adapted to accommodate rods of up to 2.53 mtr! The standard layout of the Tomasco Experence is therefore no longer recognizable. The design of this predatory fishing boat has also been updated. A vaulted transom is built behind it, which greatly improves the sailing characteristics, especially you will notice this during backtrolling.

This update is the new standard with every predatory fishing boat that we build!

The Tomasco Experience is available as a tiller or console boat.

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Additional information


465 cm


213 cm


4 personen

Casco gewicht

310 kg

Afbouw gewicht

434 Kg

Max. vermogen

66,06 kw


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