The Tomasco Challenger is the smallest of the Tomasco series. This version is specially designed for the customer who desires a light-weight boat, but the significant quality of Tomasco Fishing Boats.

The Challanger has slightly narrower edges, creating maximum use of the content. The layout is nearly similar to that of Tomasco Pike Master, meaning that there’s a sizeable area of storage options. Is equipped standard, with two large fishing rod storage compartments on both sides and below the throwing platform there’s no less than 200 liters of storage space.

It’s small but powerful and without any difficulty Tomasco Challanger can glide easily true the water. Of course, the smallest boat possesses as well stable sailing characteristics that Tomasco Fishing Boats are known for. With its tough appearance, this Tomasco boat is certainly not a small one!

Tomasco is available as a tiller or console boat.

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Additional information


410 cm


180 cm


4 personen

Casco gewicht

104 kg



Max. vermogen

36,7 kw


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